What I should do consider as a designer


  • Visual relationship
  • Aware the technological
  • improvise new combination
  • coordinates material
  • spectator’s predilection

Experiment –> Perceive –> Analyse –> Organise –> Symbolise –> Synthesize


Analyse (Kant)

  1. Comparing
  2. examine
  3. relating
  4. distinguishing
  5. abstracting
  6. deducing
  7. demonstrating

a) The given
b) The formal (space, colour, composition, value)
c) psychological (visual, perception) optical illusion.

Designer’s art

  • graphic design is essentially about the visual relationship, providing meaning to a means of unrelated needs, ideas, words, and pictures.
  • Ideals ought to aim at the transformation of reality – William James
  • Beautiful & useful
  • Repetition  – emotional force generated by repetition
  • without the basic rules or disciplines, however, there is no motivation