The recording of though at David Hockney exhibition at Tate Britain 29/04/17

David and David and observatory

David and David

David and David

  • Maybe signature does not be used because text changes function from documentary to sign.  When?
  • Now signature exist outside of the frame? Is it themselves disclaim Authorship?
  • Very thin frames don’t tuck in painting inside.
  • Painting itself as an object preserved.
  • The artwork itself doesn’t mean artist before – before when? – but dedication. Therefore, maybe, they needed their names for. The artwork is granted as “Artwork” so itself becomes “Art”. How about “Design”
  • Preserved in the acrylic box. 
  • 1967 A lawn Being Sprinkled – No Frames, Red line inside the painting became Frame
  • 1967 A bigger splash – No frame drawing but splashed blue dots in the white part in outside of the corner
  • 1966 – Frames
  • 1972 Portrait of an Artist – Pool became a Frame and David Hockney himself became an observer inside of the painting
  • 1977 – The photo frame or mirror frame without image inside of the artwork makes/endows Hockney’s Parents Reality/real
  • Most of the illustrations have names and dates.
  • Only “To” but no “From”
  • 1983 – The scramble game – escape time from the frame. or using the time escape from the frame. Or Movement? or the Flowing?
  • 1982- Gregory Swimming – I love it!  his pool is alive!


If TEXT is the object and snapshots or Photograph is the action of taking the images through the machine. What if I taking it from the handwriting and make it through the camera and digitalise?

Machine trying to understand human


Respond to HOCKNEY, D. (2017). DAVID HOCKNEY. London: TATE BRITAIN

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